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'Stay Secure' with 'Simply Secure'

Special Features

Kew provides a wide range of benefits


Special Features

Kew Insurance wishes to reward our valued customers for selecting our 'Simply Secure' home cover. By choosing 'Simply Secure' household insurance, you may benefit from a wide range of appealing offers!

three months Free* Insurance

Kew Insurance believes in providing value for money. So we offer our policyholders three months home cover, absolutely free. Our free cover means that you may enjoy a payment holiday for quarter of the year. 

Mystery prizes

Once you have reached your two year anniversary enjoying 'Simply Secure' home cover, please call us within 30 days of your two year anniversary and we will send you a mystery gift as a token of our appreciation.


Rapid insurance cover

Kew’s proficient, highly-trained team appreciates that, occasionally, home insurance needs to be arranged rapidly. Our computer systems are set up to allow speedy administration of your policy, allowing your home to be 'Simply Secure' even sooner!

Our Price Match Promise**

Our Price Match promise means that if you come across a more competitive premium, we will aim to match or beat that premium. By activating our 'Simply Secure' Price Match, you can always enjoy a competitive premium.

Recommend 'simply secure' to your friends + family

We like to reward customers who show their loyalty to Kew. If you introduce us to five or more friends (or family members) who take out a 'Simply Secure' policy for more than 12 months, we will forward you a Deluxe Box of Chocolates and £25.00 in gift vouchers†. (You need to call within 30 days of each anniversary in order to be eligible for gift. N.B. this is a 'once only' gift. It is only the introducer of 5 friends and family who is eligible for the gift.)

monthly premiums

Our monthly premium payment system offers value of money to our customers. Our buildings and contents policy renews monthly, which means that you pay your premium in small monthly payment amounts. So you don’t have to find a costly “up front” annual premium. Unlike other companies, there are no additional charges attached to this easy monthly payment method.

* Subject to meeting underwriting criteria and meeting terms and conditions. The insured property must be less than five years old. 
** 'Price Match' is based on 'like-for-like' cover; terms & conditions apply.
† All acceptances of 'Simply Secure' insurance applications are subject to meeting eligibility requirements. Terms and conditions apply.