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"How To" Renovate your Home

Research has shown that since 2013 more homeowners in the UK are choosing to renovate and extend their homes as opposed to moving. Figures suggest that numbers have increased from 3% to 15% during 2013 to 2018, and are expected to rise further in 2019. Why? There are several factors that have fuelled this growth as shown in the chart.

Why UK homeowners are Renovating?

On that note, if you are thinking of renovating your home this summer, there are a several points to consider, ensuring the best possible outcome and making sure that your home remains protected.


  • Plan: Before starting your renovation, you should take the time to plan the objectives of the project and discuss with a reputable contractor the suitability of the aims you wish to achieve.

  • Notify your Insurance Provider: Once you have a plan in place, do inform your insurance company of the details, as this will ensure that you do not breach your insurance terms and will mean that you can discuss insurance coverage while renovations are taking place.

  • Check contractor’ Liability: Make sure that the contractor has adequate and current Liability Insurance. Your insurer may not cover certain things while work is being done ensuring the contractor has insurance will cover any damage which they may cause and will transfer liability to them to either fix or provide financial aid to rectify their mistakes.

  • Discuss Insurance Premiums with your Insurer: Making improvements to your home may affect the insurance premium you pay. For example, adding a new room to the property may cause the premium to increase as it adds to the rebuild cost. Be aware of any changes in premium so this can be factored into the budget.


  • Choose the lowest quote: when selecting your contractor, don’t choose the cheapest or busiest, instead compile the credentials and references of any potential contractor to ensure that they are qualified to complete the work to a professional and efficient standard.

  • Overspend: Statistics show that 40% of renovators overspend and although this is sometimes inevitable, try to plan the budget and stick to it, to prevent any financial strain.

  • Forget the contract: It is paramount that you have a legally binding contract that covers you from any neglect or misconduct on the contractor’s part.

  • Make any payments prior to work being completed: by not making any advance payment to the contractor you are ensuring that the work is done to a satisfactory standard, as agreed and will reduce the chance of being scammed.

  • Undertake tasks that require a professional: Many homeowners will want to try and do as much of the work as possible themselves, and although this is fine, it’s worthwhile ensuring you do get a qualified contractor for certain tasks, such as structural, electrical and plumbing work (unless you are qualified).

Happy renovating!! Don’t forget to share this with Family, friends and colleagues. Also stay tuned for our “How to” series that will look at how you can protect your home. We will be looking at Moving Home in our next item.

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