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"How To" Prepare for the Big Move.

With the summer around the corner, 29% of the UK will be preparing to move home over the months of June through to August. With longer days and rather more dependable weather (by UK standards), the summer provides the best time for many to move home, especially those with children, who will use the summer holiday to settle into their new home ahead of the new school year.

Estate agents have found that many homeowners will start to sell their home and buy their new home around the spring, as more people are willing to house hunt when the weather is good. They would then progress to move out and in to their new home by the end of the summer.

“The key market for the property industry is spring, from March heading into summer. This is the best market to take advantage of as most people look to move before summer so you have both available properties and active buyers.”

-Mark Lawrinson, Regional Sales Director, Portico London estate agents.

We know how stressful moving home is, so here are a few tips to help make the process easier for you and important points to consider which may sometimes be forgotten in the complex process.

When moving home:


  • Get multiple quotes: different removal companies will offer different services, so it’s a good idea to shop around and to find something suitable for you. Please ensure that the removal company is qualified, licenced and have good references.

  • Pack as early as possible: start packing as soon as possible, allowing you to declutter in the process. Start with the ‘least used’ rooms (e.g. spare room, garage, shed etc.) and then move onto the more frequently used rooms, closer to moving date, doing one room at a time.

  • Check contents cover with insurers: check with your current home insurance which cover is provided for your contents when moving home.

  • Arrange your utilities early: set up all utilities and council accounts as soon as possible so you can concentrate on the unpacking once you are happily installed in your new home.

  • Inspect everything one last time: whether it’s the property you move out from or the movers’ vehicle, once they have unloaded, always do one final sweep to make sure everything has been emptied (it’s easy to miss one or two items).

  • Label boxes: this will ensure the movers can put each box into the correct room ready for you to unpack.


  • Assume availability: most removal companies are fully booked in advance, so arrange and book all moving dates 4- 6 weeks in advance (where possible).

  • ‘Over-pack’ boxes: don’t make boxes too heavy as it becomes difficult for the movers and also means that the boxes may break while being carried, damaging the contents.

  • Choose the cheapest movers: sometimes, but not always, cheaper removal companies can turn out to be ‘scammers’, not fully qualified or unprofessional in their operation.

  • Accept cost estimates: when booking with removal companies, do get a quote after an on-site visit so that you do not get over or under quoted.

  • Water your plants: before your move to make sure that the soil isn’t too soggy for transportation. Leave the soil to dry for two days prior to moving.

We hope you have a stress- free move!! Other useful tips can be found on Compare my Move. Don’t forget to share this with Family, friends and colleagues. Also stay tuned for our “How to” series that will look at how you can protect your home. We will be looking at protecting your home from theft in our next item.

Remember to keep your home safe and secure with Simply Secure, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions; we would be more than happy to help. Please give Kew Insurance a call on 0208 332 6535, we would be happy to discuss insurance cover options when you are moving home. We’re open Monday-Friday from 09:00 to 17:30 and cover properties across the UK.