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High Net Worth Insurance


What is High Net Worth Insurance?

High Net Worth insurance is for clients who have sophisticated requirements that cannot be fulfilled by a standard policy. Typically, High Net Worth (HNW) clients require policies that offer over £80,000 in contents cover and start with a rebuild value of over £500,000.

Here at Kew Insurance Services, we recognise that our HNW clients have complex needs that must be satisfied by the most suited insurance policy. However, we also appreciate that our HNW clients lack the time to arrange such insurance.

For this reason, each of our HNW clients are assigned a designated consultant who will work laboriously on their behalf, examine every aspect of their household insurance needs, and ensure that all high value items (whether works of art or jewellery) are protected. As well as designated consultants, here at Kew Insurance Services, we have specially selected insurers who work with us in tandem to deliver exclusive High Net Worth cover for homes of high value across the United Kingdom.

What is included?

 Kew insurance Services' exclusive High Net Worth cover service includes:


o   Personal possessions cover in and away from the home – our policies offer enhanced protection for the assets you value most

o   Accidental damage cover is automatically added for buildings coveraccidental damage is included as standard.

o   An adapted service that is in line with your needs Kew values all of our clients very highly. Whether our clients require High Net Worth insurance or standard insurance, we recognise that no case is the same and we offer tailor-made products to all of our clients.

o   Premier contents cover - to guarantee that you are not under insured and that all your assets are protected.

o   Confidential meetings at our bespoke premises For our clients who live in Greater London, we would be more than happy to engage in a meeting at our premises, or at a venue that is more convenient for you, to discuss your needs.

Our Cover

Home and contents

In order to safeguard your high value property, as aforementioned, our building insurance automatically includes accidental damage cover - to ensure that you attain an adequate level of cover for your specialist needs. Kew Insurance Services would like to protect your home against all incidents, whether they are major crises or minor accidents. 


A home is one of the most cherished possessions, particularly when it reflects your high net way of life. We understand that your building may be unique and of a non-standard build or; perhaps you have a portfolio of prestigious properties, and a standard policy’s rebuild value will not suffice. Therefore, it is crucial to have a carefully tailored policy that, in case of a very unfortunate claim, your life can be put back on track as soon as possible.

Fine art and jewellery

At Kew, we want to offer you peace of mind with regards to your specialist items, such as works of art, gold and jewellery. Unfortunately, a standard contents policy proves insufficient when it comes to your valuable assets. A High Net Worth insurance policy, which includes contents, specially arranged by our very experienced team at Kew could be as distinctive as a prestigious painting or a bottle of 1787 Château Lafite.

It is therefore essential that our exclusive cover ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to covering these highly valued possessions, and if anything were to go wrong, your valuables would be safe and secure.

Our High Net Worth home insurance offers to protect a range of different items/collections. 

This includes:

-         Jewellery

-         Works of art – fine art paintings or prints

-         Antique furniture

-         Gold

-         Silver

-         Sculptures

-         Tapestries and rugs

-         Sculptures

-         Vintage wine

-         Rare or commissioned collections

…and many more items.

Valuing Possessions

It is extremely important for insurers to have the right value for your works of art, jewellery, collectables, and other treasured items. In order for this to happen, Kew advises that your assets are examined by a competent jeweller (or the equivalent professional) every three years. This will make sure that any fluctuations in the price of your assets are identified and your policy is adjusted accordingly. 

It is also advisable for your most prized possessions to be safely secured (locked in a safe or deposited into a safe deposit/bank) when not in use, guaranteeing maximum security.

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Do you require High Net Worth insurance?

Do you own:

1)    Collectables and jewellery worth over £80,000?

2)    Any items, such as handbags, worth over £80,000?

3)    Fine art, antiques and any other similar items that are worth over £80,000?

4)    A property that has a rebuild value of £500,000 or more?

5)    A prestigious property portfolio?

If “yes” is the answer for any of the above questions, you may require a high net worth insurance policy.

Our exclusive approach

 Kew Insurance Services believe knowing that your high net worth lifestyle is protected is priceless, and we would be delighted to discuss any of your queries or requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and once your initial enquiries have been discussed we will assign you with your designated consultant.