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Have a Spookily Safe Halloween

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It's Halloween time, and to make sure you enjoy your Halloween festivities to the maximum, it is a wise precaution to review your safety precautions. This fun-filled evening brings ghoulish fun with masks, costumes, sweets of all description, and trick or treaters, but with it also comes a spike in incidents of  crime, as well as some unfortunate safety incidents.  Take a peep at the tips below to ensure that your family is in tip top condition for a spookily safe Halloween.

To protect your home and your family from Halloween theft or damage:

1. Show trick or treaters the way to a specific door- a well-lit path to the front door can help you ensure that trick or treaters are genuine

2. Make sure you have sweet treats available by the door; in this way you won't need to go into the house to get sweets, leaving the front door unattended 

3. Monitor the front door - Know who is at the door before opening it.

4. Try to avoid using candles for decorations - Large quantities of candles can make for a spooky effect, but they are also a severe fire hazard.

5. Be sure you’re insured - Make sure you have enough liability or theft coverage in case people or things go bump in the night in your home.

6. Illuminate your lights - when you are leaving your house, leave internal lights on so that they show through the curtains, and also leave external lights on - in this way, opportunistic burglars will not take the chance to invade your property

7. Don't dress children in flammable outfits/costumes

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Have a Happy Halloween