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Twelve Simple 'Summer Safety Tips' for Securing your Home

Theft claim


1. Do not publicise holidays on social media (a thief's delight!)

2. If you go away, ask a friend to bring in mail and milk so that burglars are unaware of your absence

3. Do not leave windows open, even slightly, if you are going out of your home, as this allows easy access for unwanted visitors.



4. Fix dripping taps and leaks as soon as you can; early action on minor plumbing issues, can prevent major incidents from occurring 

gutter clearing

5. Keep a close eye on a bath which is being run (you would be surprised how often people forget!)

6. In late Summer/early Autumn, check your gutterings to prevent serious problems later in the year



7. Make sure that carpets are covered with double layers of protective materials if internal decoration is being carried out (prevents paint spillage)



house fire

8. Check the safety of all white goods; strange noises/unusual heat...switch off immediately

9. Take care not to overload your electric circuits - this is a common cause of house fires

10. Do not leave glass mirrors on window ledges which refract sunlight; entire homes have been destroyed due to fires from this oversight

11. Use smoke alarms, and make sure they are working efficiently

12. Do not leave lit candles unattended; ideally use the new battery-operated ones. Candles are a common cause of house fires.

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