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Kew Insurance Services Ltd. is a well-established specialist in the area of home insurance cover, with over twenty five years’ experience in the industry. Our flagship household insurance product 'Simply Secure' is designed to offer security for the buildings and contents of your home. 

Kew is situated in leafy Richmond-upon-Thames, a fitting location for a company which prides itself on being green and environmentally-friendly. 

We enjoy a reputation for the great service we provide. Kew Insurance is the inaugural Winner of the 'Best Business' Award from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.


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The team at Kew appreciates that finding the right home insurance cover is an important choice. That’s why we offer a 'no obligation' quote from our UK-based team to ease you through the process.

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2011 - Kew becomes Inaugural Winner of prestigious 'Best Business' award*

2012 - Kew's Managing Director celebrates 20 years since starting Kew

2014 - Kirsten Jones-Williams is promoted to Deputy Director

2017- Kew's Celebrates our amazing Quarter of a Century

*awarded by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce

1992 -  Kew Insurance Services is founded by David Boynette

1994- Kew's Marketing Director, Angele July, joins Kew Insurance

2004 - Kew's Marketing Director celebrates a Decade at Kew

2005 - Kew's office mascot, Basil the Westie, joins Kew's company